Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i thought that was you

today is a bad day. i had nightmares all night. i'm out of valium and ambien. the mail order place doesn't have my scripts on file, so i have to call about them today. i can't stop twitching and i'm hearing things like you wouldn't believe. i took my meds hours ago. i want to sleep this off, but i'm not at all tired.

i keep forgetting to tell you that i started a pintrest board for my beasties: . i try to get pictures of all of them, but freddie and jack are tough because they're black.

the sun is shining through the window. i'm hiding from the brightness of it. if i sit up, it will be in my eyes. freddie is playing in the window. there must be a cat outside. we've had a lot of activity since we put the food out. felix freaks out but freddie thinks it's great. she sits and watches.

between the rocking and the chain smoking, this is taking hours to write.

here, while you wait, here's a cute picture of freddie: .

okay, let's see if i can hold still and control my oral fixation long enough to finish this.

the maintenance guy came! this one spoke english. he fixed my toilet, so it no longer leaks and i can use it again (sharing a bathroom with doc again was brutal), and our oven works. yay! they have to send an electrician to come fix the dead outlets in the bathrooms. but our oven works! finally. it hasn't since we moved in here.

freddie is playing with blue ball. i probably wouldn't know this but i seem to be in the middle of the battle. she's so cute. she's hiding from it now, there she goes, pounce. and there goes jack, pounce freddie. heh. i really love them. they keep me going when i'm hopeless like i am today. now freddie is chasing jack. they go back and forth like that.

doc should be home in 15 minutes. time for one last cigarette before he gets home and i have to wait an hour between them. hopefully today i can stay awake for a while. stay out of the hot bath. that's the key, i took one yesterday to comb out my hair. it put me right to sleep.

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