Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i haven't gotten any sleep. unless you count the ten minutes here and there throughout the day. i plan to go to bed once doc is up and ready to go to work and i won't disturb him with the coughing. i may sleep sitting up. the problems come when i lay down, that's when the coughing starts and it's a totally dry cough. i've had this problem to an extent for the past month or so, it's just now gotten so bad i can't get any sleep.

the ER nurse said i sprained but did not crack a rib. i have a brace on it now. it's a glorified back brace, but it's doing the trick and keeping everything still and compressed.

my face is looking better. i no longer look battered. my elbow is almost back to full strength. now it's the left side. so i really can't win. i will be healed in a couple of weeks and a couple more days of this cough and i'm going to the doctor. get a chest x-ray and see what it is i'm trying so hard to cough up. it's like i have a rat stuck in my throat.

almost time for ambien and valium. and a swig of cough and cold medication. i'm so tired. i will definitely be able to sleep comfortably amidst all my stuffed animals. sitting up won't seem so bad.

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