Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

jack has allergies

jack has allergies. he's been having sneezing fits and after his eyes got goopy this weekend, he took a little trip on the scooter to see Dr. Rose. he loves her. she pronounced him healthy but allergic. so we ordered the proper medication. that means i i have two cats to medicate and specially feed every day. i'll feed them all at different times if i have to to keep them healthy. especially after seeing the change in lelu with the joint medication. a whole new cat. bitchy and demanding, but healthy and happy and playful. and that's what i want to see in a 15 year old cat.

my eyes are more open today. they went from red to dark purple. doc offered bloodletting, and i turned him down. this is my face we're fucking with. it's not perfect, but it's mine. no poking holes in it. i went through that phase. for an entirely different reason. no bloodletting.

we have to call maintenance in. we have a dead socket and my toilet is leaking. or it was until i turned it off. the dead socket is in my bathroom and connected to doc's bathroom. so both sockets are dead and dead bathroom sockets are damned inconvenient. my dream house will have sockets every foot in every room including the hallway. and closets. i hate that. always growing up in rental houses built to the cheapest standards with the least amount of sockets allowed. i have things to plug in, people.

doc's going to be up in half an hour and he'll be gone an hour after that. i think tonight i'll watch some movies on netflix. i want to see Toys again. i think Robin Williams is brilliant in it. and it's fun to look at. super colorful sets and costumes.

i've decided to deal with my gone leather by being in denial about it. that's the best i i can come up with to cope. i just can't face that it's gone. and it's not just a jacket.

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