Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

there should be a subject here

i slept yesterday evening for a while, but i haven't slept since. i stayed awake through my full dose of valium. i should say, i drooled through it. just another thing to make me more attractive.

a friend got arrested for the third time for DUI the other night. he's been in jail since. his wife is freaking out, which i can understand. i would lose it. and i feel bad for her but he got what he asked for. doc even tried to stop him, but no, he knew better. stupid. that is a crime i can't forgive.

i'm listening to Meet the Press about the gun debate. god how frustrating for the moderator. he's dealing with people who have no basis in reality and he's got to try to make them look like blithering idiots. i'm of the Fuck the NRA school of thought. i think they are a dangerous group that should be disbanded.

i have "Punch in And Out" by seven mary three going through my head. there are worse songs. it makes me want to listen to it. i guess i should go do that.

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