Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

on cats and xmas decorations

what is it about the laptop that draws the cats to me? lelu ignores me for hours and as soon as i pick up the laptop she's at my side pawing at me.

my favorite pants tore at the knee today. i have to get more pants. all of mine have holes in them. all my shirts, too. i'm just rough on the pants, the shirt holes are from kitty claws as i bring them in. lelu and jack do not want to be picked up and fight the whole way across the yard, to the dismay of my shirts. i think i need to start clipping their back claws, too. i do the front ones. but the back ones do the damage.

doc is asleep and i don't have to wake him up at any specific time. it's his night off. i haven't gotten any rest because every time i lay down i start hacking. i have just enough tussin to get through the next nap. which i don't know when that will be, there's a doctor who marathon on BBCAmerica. i really can't watch enough of that. now, if he'd just get a companion with curly red hair. but i doubt they'll do that, they just had a red head.

we gave my old laptop to BB and family. i want his wife to learn windows so she can get a better job. i know she likes hers, but she's bright and deserves to be making more working not as hard as she is.

freddie has two favorite balls. we got them from kelli last year for xmas. they are yarn pom poms with sparkly stuff woven in and sticking out. she loves those things. she walks around the house with one in her mouth meowing loudly and happily. kelli somehow managed to find four more for xmas this year. all of the cats have had a go at them. she also got the cats this stuffed donut thing with four long legs with pom poms at the ends and bells in them. jack loves that thing. simon was happy playing with a votive candle he knocked off the dining room table. strange cat.

since i put the tree up, all the cats have gone up to check it out, but no one has pawed at it or jumped at it. i'm glad we didn't get a bigger tree, i didn't have enough ornaments for one. i have just enough beaded garland and colored balls for a small tree. one day i'll get a large tree and put up my star trek ornament, which is way too big for the small tree. in the shadows in here, it doesn't look nearly as gaudy as it did in the picture i took, with the flash on. the tinsel above isn't so blue. or obvious.

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