Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

so disoriented

usually i wake up when doc is leaving in the day and coming home at night. tonight i woke up at 1:15am and he was leaving and it was dark. i'm so disoriented.

i have to do the dishes tonight. i did something bad and that is my penance. no problem. i wash dishes with the best of them.

i'm still downloading my lj. i'm using a program called ljArchive. it displays the journal entries and comments and features a search. it's just taking all damn day. but it will be worth is when it's done. i'm still going to have to copy and paste all my poems, but they will be easier to find with the search feature.

dishes are done. kitchen is clean. doc will be so surprised when he gets home. i did the litter boxes yesterday. today? i don't know what day it is. i don't much care. i have to call in the morning and cancel my shrink appointment and push it back. that way i can save the money on the co-pay and spend it instead on the FMLA paperwork which is due at doc's work.

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