Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
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does anyone in the US use this site anymore? i couldn't live without it. i really need to look into downloading my years of journal entries before something happens to lj and it's too late.

i just watched "Less than Zero". ahhh, fond memories of high school. coke was never my thing. i played with go fast drugs for a while, but it never did to me what it did to other people. my friends were afraid i'd suffer the same fate as Robert Downey Jr.'s character, but it's so much worse. he died. i just keep living on.

that sounded more morose than i feel. for having just watched that movie, i'm in a pretty good mood. yay valium!

i made myself food today. quesadillas with onions. i've been paying for it ever since, but it was a good meal. i could eat cheese every day. in fact, when i do eat, cheese is usually involved. my favorites are extra sharp cheddar (which you cannot get good quality in the west that i have found), monterey jack and mozzarella. i also like some "good" cheeses like camembert and brie, but i don't eat those very often. though my Papa once made nachos with brie and it was amazing.

i've been sitting in candle light all night. i don't know why. just felt like it being dark. the outside light is on, shining in. and the tv and laptop light up the room pretty well. freddie can still sneak up on me in the shadows. silly black cat. i tried to explain to her that i can't see her in the dark, like she can see me and i'm not trying to ignore her, i just didn't know she was there. she didn't even meow. just nurfled my hand and purred. doc says they don't understand english, but she's been approaching me from the side with the light since then.

since i'm on this depressing 80s kick, i may as well watch St. Elmo's Fire tonight and make it complete. who can get enough of the brat pack on coke?

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