Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

med change

i've gotten accustomed to the valium. i craved the xanax for a couple of days but don't anymore. i take it half at a time, but still get drowsy. since it really doesn't matter when i sleep, it's not a problem. i can't see me driving the scooter on it, though. which sucks, but that means i can sell the scooter once it's fixed.

i've stopped rocking, on the valium. and bouncing my legs. that was what was intended so i'm glad i switched. i'd been on xanax a long time, my tolerance had built up, i'm sure. with this i can move up to a full dose eventually.

i also seem to be doing okay without the pristiq. i told him it wasn't getting digested. he argued with me, but took me off of it anyway. he said i'd been on it a long time. i honestly don't remember when i started it. i used to remember the names and dosages of all my meds, but now i can't anymore. i carry it in my wallet, written down. just in case something happens. it says on my medic alert tag that i take medication.

so that's how the med change is going. no shooting sprees for me, everything is zen. even doc and i are getting along well.

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