Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

blahdy blahdy blah

it's supposed to rain tomorrow. that should clear the rest of the leaves off the tree next door. i can't wait. i know it's rained a lot this year, but i still miss it when it doesn't for a while. the high tomorrow is supposed to be the same temp it is outside right now, which is lame, but it's winter, i'll deal with it.

simon is rolling around on the floor in a pile of catnip. he looks so cute and touchable, but if you touch him, he'll bite you. they all get like that when they're nipping. afterward, they are all cuddly, but during, no way. keep away from the rolling cat.

any advice or opinions on the whole teeth missing spoken word live thing? i'm interested in what everyone has to say, anyone. please. i could get long bangs cut that cover my face . . .

i had a dream where i opened the front door (of a different house, of course) and my leather was hanging on the doorknob. *sigh*

i should be watching rachel maddow right now. i think i'll go do that.

have a nice night.

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