Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

have i mentioned lately that i love my space heater?

well. i do. it's my best friend.

even though lelu would like to be my best friend today. she won't leave me alone. and it's not about food, i tried to feed her. she keeps pawing at me. any other time of the day i would find that cute. right now i don't. give me an hour.

or two. i took a ap and woke up covered with cats and thought it was the cutest thing until they all started hissing at me for moving. i had to pee, what could i do?

so i fed lelu a new can of food and cosequin. she jumped up on the bookshelf the other day. high shelf. it wasn't secured to the wall, so i had to chase her down, but i was so proud of her. she's been running around like a kitten, playing with toys and phantom bugs.

doc is up, time to go. ack he got up right after me, i didn't have time for my coffee and smokes before dealing with him. i will try to behave.

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