Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

baths and cats and stuff, oh my

the sweat runs down my face like tears
the steaming hot water soothes
lavender floats up to me
i lean back
and fall asleep

ahhhhhhhh. doc brought home lavender bath foam for me tonight. and he turned up the temp on the water heater so i just had the hottest bath possible. i took a brief nap. he came home and left in the meantime. he's been running around all day. running errands, visiting with people. all the stuff he won't get to do well when his schedule changes and he becomes nocturnal like me.

each of the cats came in to visit me in the bath. simon was most concerned about it when he saw me soaking in the bubbles. he had a lot to say about it. he has a really nice meow. very pure. soft, yet forceful. i love it when he talks. freddie only poked her head in, she's obviously been in a bath before and hasn't liked it at all, she is terrified of it. jack came in and knocked shit over on the counter. i can always count on jack for entertainment.

something about that argument yesterday has changed doc. he apologized Again for it today. and he said he's going to try to go get me the tree i wanted for xmas. i'm pretty sure they'll be sold out and i'm okay with that, but he's trying. he also brought me home chocolate pudding.

he also mentioned going to the special dollar store to get cat collars and toys.

we're going to get Kongs for the boy's two dogs for xmas. i don't know that we'll get the boys anything, we don't have the cash and neither do they. but the dogs are special.

this day was nice and long. it's the first sunday i've enjoyed in a really really long time. NCIS was on in the background all day and i got some napping in and spent two hours of quality time with felix on the couch watching the sunday morning news shows. well, listening to them. my eyes were closed. i was trying to nap but it didn't work.

i can't decide what music i'm in the mood for. maybe i'll browse my 80s folder, it's been a long time since i went through that and i'm sure there are some treasures.

i also have to play "Dream a Little Dream", Farscape episode so i can hear Ben Browder sing a verse of that song. in my dream today, a full version of him singing it was on the jukebox. i literally woke with a song in my heart.

time to go stuff some cigarettes, i smoked all the ones i had in the bath. as long as i keep the door cracked and the vent on, i can smoke while i bathe. house rule. hee.

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