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  • Fri, 20:04: "cheekin good" - Leeloo
  • Fri, 20:14: "these little conversations, if i try my very best, you know i never could say anything in twenty words or less" - Johnette Napolitano
  • Fri, 20:35: deluded: Impose a misleading belief upon (someone); deceive; fool.
  • Fri, 20:36: psychosis: a loss of contact with reality
  • Fri, 20:38: sociopath: distinct from psychopathy
  • Fri, 20:40: "mul-ti-pass" "yes, she knows it's a multipass, so we're in love."
  • Fri, 21:04: you can't change anyone's mind, so why even bother trying?
  • Fri, 23:06: time for assisted living…
  • Sat, 05:30: "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." oh, she just had no idea how true that was. i know now. freedom. heh.
  • Sat, 06:58: "i'm the volume in your fucked up teenage band"…
  • Sat, 06:58: Q: what do you call a crazy person who doesn't believe in god?
  • Sat, 06:59: A: atheist
  • Sat, 07:07: i'm not mad at god, i've never gotten mad at imaginary creatures. now, Sam the Eagle muppet, that's another story. #atheist
  • Sat, 07:40: i'm drinking peach "champagne" at 7:30 in the morning out of a martini glass. it just didn't feel like a whiskey day. and i don't drink.
  • Sat, 07:41: oh god, this shit tastes horrible. i'd better drink it fast. now i know why i used to smoke so much while i drank.
  • Sat, 07:46: listening to social distortion and staring at pictures of Mike Ness - now THERE is a god.
  • Sat, 07:49: my leather is missing! if mike stole it when he left i will fucking castrate him in public and make him eat the leftovers. it's gone.
  • Sat, 08:17: so now i'm drunk and pissed. there has to be a way to find that treacherous bastard. he's in this city. i know where he works.
  • Sat, 08:41: "i'm your worn in leather jacket"…
  • Sat, 09:41: newsflash: NO ONE ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT YOU. #atheism #truth #TakeCareOfYourself
  • Sat, 11:03: you just DON'T fuck with a punk's leather. #DrunkTweets
  • Sat, 11:06: threate to castrate someone and lose followers, i can deal with that. #FuckYou
  • Sat, 11:29: @IMPaulWilliams i absolutely love you. you are amazingly talented. i love your music. thank you for the years of joy.
  • Sat, 11:37: "i'm your worn in leather jacket" - social distortion
  • Sat, 11:37: "hand me my leather" - tori amos
  • Sat, 11:38: "all i need is my leather, one tshirt and two socks" - ani difranco
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