Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

run run run

i feel like i've been running around since i got up at 3:30. oh, wait, i have. fed the cat. mixed her daily food/meds, fed her again, mopped the kitchen floor, made coffee, had a cigarette . . . and did little, quiet things around the house.

i watched the muppet movie last night. there was so much stuff i forgot about. like the cameos. richard pryor and orson welles in the same movie. only the muppets could do that. today is reserved for the complete set of muppet show episodes. with many repeats of the Blondie episode. i think debbie harry was the first woman i fell in love with. and i fell in love with "punk" in that episode. at least the way she presented it.

also, with a matinee of Bugsy Malone. ahh, Jodi Foster. the second woman i fell in love with. i'll tolerate scott baio for a couple hours of Jodi in a slip. oh yes i will.

last night was pretty uneventful. i haven't watched the news for a day. i'm resisting the urge to put it on now. i'm sitting in the silence of the space heater trying to relax. i keep having those Romneyville Horror dreams. jesus, if he had won, i think i would have imploded from the stress. it has always been the dream of the mormon church to run the country. they want it all. all the money, all the power. holiness is just a word that gets them there tax free.

all right then. half an hour of news, the rest of morning joe, then the tv goes back off. it's music and movies for me today. it keeps me busy.

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