Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i took a short nap, got up for a while, and curled up and snuggled with felix for an hour. he's so snuggleable. he's out now. prowling the neighborhood. he is so much happier since we let him be a part time outdoor cat. he loves the freedom. and when he comes home there's always food and a snuggle waiting for him.

i watched my movie. and when my line came on, i clapped and laughed like an idiot. i woke doc up. hee. he went back to sleep. i'm going to watch it again once Lawrence is over. the muppets make me so happy. i think i'll get the muppet movie, the first one. it is still my favorite of all the muppet movies. it's an original. it changed my life. it was my transition from sesame street to the more mature world of the muppets. pivotal time for me. but The Muppet Christmas Carol is the only christmas carol you need to watch this or any year.

i've decided i'm tired of being nice. i'm not a nice person. i'm mean spirited, full of hate and angst, and tired of holding it in. those who have seen my recent tweets know this. i'm done pretending to be sensitive and caring about my fellow man. i can't stand my fellow man. if i start letting it out again, i will be able to write. i'm tired of wasting my acid wit on doc, making him a victim. i'd rather insult random strangers. after all, that is what twitter is for, isn't it? i'm not by any means anonymous, i'm easy enough to find. so it isn't really trolling. people can find me and complain. i have no problem with that.

and now it is time for an encore presentation of my movie and a search for the muppet movie, so i can watch that tonight, as well. plus, Burn Notice is on tonight!

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