Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

less whining

wow, i feel so much better. i was able to get to sleep. and i woke up feeling my usual self. i don't know how good that is, but i don't feel like downing a bottle of xanax anymore. never forget meds again. never refuse to take meds again. i thought i would be spending tonight and the next three days in the psych hospital. and i feel so much better, i don't understand how i could get so low so quick.

the cats are all begging for wet food, which i am out of. they are not happy kitties. lots of treats and catnip for them tonight. see if i can't get them into better moods.

jack suddenly discovered today that his comfy chair is here. i don't know what he was thinking, he's been clawing at it since we got here. but it wasn't until today that he got up and curled up in it and went to sleep. he's there now. it's his favorite place. at least it was at the apartment. it looks like it will be here, too.

i have to call doc at 8 and remind him to pay rent. our real estate company has a 24 hour place that he can pay rent after work at. it is much easier for him than having to get up early and go to the real estate office, which is not close.

i had enough money this month not only to get the lighter doc wanted for xmas, but to pay my full half of the rent (for the first time since we moved in here) and the electric bill. and i still have enough money left over for my co-pay at the shrink's. the difference was, doc didn't really buy food with my money this month. he got me some stuff, but didn't get his own food with my money. it's really his money. the govt pays him to take care of me, the check is to do that. it comes to him, in his name. i only have access to it through an ATM card. and since i do not get out, and i don't really shop online, i don't really spend any of my own money unless there is something special and doc says it's okay.

oh yeah, plus i paid my web server. i'll have to borrow from him to pay next month, but that's very little money and i'm not worried about it.

i had a bite on my leg and i thought it was an ingrown hair so i picked at it and now it itches like mad. i'm going to go scratch now.

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