Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

#atheism and other non related stuff

the one thing that is really bugging me about the atheist community on twitter is the loose talk of psychopathy, mental illness and theism. as i pointed out to someone today, it is possible to be mentally ill and still be an atheist. pessing on the stigma of mental illness does no one any good. i tried to express this, but i was misunderstood. i guess i'm just not good in 140 characters when it comes to this.

in other news.

i scrubbed my bathroom today. put on gloves, grabbed a scrubby thing and a can of ajax and went at my bathroom. it looks great. i need to mop the floor, though. i'll do that tomorrow when i do the kitchen floor. while i have the mop out and all.

i discovered that i can use felix as a wind gage. if it's windy out, he huddles at the sliding glass door. he won't go out and play at all. lelu likes the wind, she sits with her face to it and breathes deeply. it's pretty funny to watch. i keep thinking she's going to hyperventilate. freddie just hides in the corner of the yard behind the pile of leaves.

speaking of the pile of leaves, i have no idea why doc is just not throwing them away. i am clueless as to why he keeps piling them up. but the cats are fascinated by it.

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