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i just took two shots of nyquil and i'm feeling quite tipsy. i'm trying to put myself to sleep. my nose, better known as the ever running snot faucet, won't let me sleep. i don't care if i'm stuffed up, i just don't want to be jumping up and down blowing my nose every minute or so.

the cats won't leave me alone today. both felix and simon are all over me when i'm on the couch. when i go outside lelu and felix insist on going out and stay close to my chair and come in with me. it's all so strange. i just wish it would storm. unless all we're getting is clouds and wind.

it's a nice wind, too. not chilly. same temp as the air outside. not that arctic blast we got a couple of weeks ago. the temps were okay, but the wind was unbearable as even the slightest breeze. no, today is much better. i want to sleep out there. just curl up in doc's outside chair and sleep until dark. which isn't that long away.

it took me three days to get used to half the sugar in my coffee. maybe i'll start losing weight again. this whole buddah belly i have is sugar from my coffee. if i worked out i'm sure i could get rid of it easier, but cutting out the sugar seems easier. i'm not a real work out person. i go through phases. the nice thing about this house is that there is room in the living room to do my tapes to. i have tae bo and some 10 minute butt and ab tapes. once i find them. i can narrow them down to four crates.

i'm mad at the boys. they are really dicking around with doc and i'm getting tired of it. granted, we do our laundry over there, but doc cleans up after them and takes care of special projects. and they just fuck with him, like they have no respect for him at all. i'm tired of their attitudes. doc had been downloading tv shows for them to play on their game console, since they don't have cable. and taking it over every week, actually twice a week. doc got tired of it, so he taught them to do it on their computer. they still make him do it. asshats. and it's not S, it's the two brothers he lives with. they are the fattest, laziest, dumbest people i have ever met. and they all speak a combination of wigger and white trash.

turns out a member of the "family" lives next door. renting out a room. i'm getting concerned about next door. the drug traffic is going up and the buyers are darkening and my barely racist tendencies come out. actually it's more like fear. i want to just block off that side of the porch so i can't see over there. i just don't want to know what is going on. it was all so much fun over the summer when they were harmlessly smoking and tripping and gave me something to laugh at. now it's all complicated.

i don't think i've told you, the people behind us are multi lingual and musical. the hubby plays guitar and sings in spanish, and the wife harmonizes. and on wednesdays, he has a band over, which every so often plays some nice old rock and roll. it's really cool living behind him. i don't even mind his yappy dog. and i have heard her on the phone speaking english, spanish and french. all with flawless accents. they must be really neat people. they are the ones with the tall palms that give the place that island feel.

the books go on the shelves tonight. i have been putting it off too long. in fact, when i'm done here, i'll go do it. and then maybe be ready for sleep. the tipsyness is wearing off. kind of.

felix is demanding my attention. time to go play with him. since he can't go outside, i think it's a good day for treats and catnip. maybe a play with a toy for a while. i know freddie is bored, she's wandering aimlessly around the house, looking for something to get into. simon is asleep on the couch and jack is sleeping on the scratchy cubby.

have a good night.

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