Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

you give me fever

i felt okay when i woke up. i felt good. where did that go? up a thermometer. i am clear liquids.

i thought i was having a heart attack last night. i had all the symptoms and they lasted two hours. doc left me lying on the floor. that's when i came to the realization i am the boy who cried wolf. wolf! i am a hypochondriac. i don't get enough hugs. or something.

there is something off in the air outside. i let lelu, freddie, and felix out this morning and within seconds all three of them had poofed up their fur. total defensive posture. i scanned the yard to see if there was something or someone there, and pink kitty was on the wall, all poofed out, too. and they were all looking the same way. it was surreal. none of them ever gave me a clue what was up, they all ran for the door. it was weird.

i keep having Romney won dreams of a militant mormon lifestyle thrust upon the population. in the last one we won the lottery and went to New Earth (got some Doctor Who in there), a desert planet. if i was more inspired, i might write a short story about it.

oh man, the fever broke. i am a regular body temp. i feel normal. my head is less congested and after last night's episode, i no longer have an elephant on my chest. my throat doesn't hurt. and now that the stiffness from couch surfing has worn off, i have no aches. could i be getting better? yes, please. now is good.

i've been going to sleep all curled up on the loveseat, and then waking doc up on the couch at 3ish and sending him to bed and then moving over to the big couch. the night before, felix slept with me under the blanket. last night it was simon. felix came up to get in on the love only to step on simon under the blanket and take off. i i don't think he was expecting squishy when he stepped down. so they are working out sharing me.

lelu is being all cuddly now. this is extraordinary, she doesn't like people and could take or leave pets and fuzzles. now she's laying next to me like she's scared. something is definitely in the air outside. the sky is a most amazing combination of multi level clouds just translucent enough to let a little sun through. it's eerie. i like it. again, an oil painting worthy day. so many colors and shades and hues of colors. i've never seen more greys. and the tall palms are blowing in the high up wind, so it sounds tropical and beachy outside.

i put a cushion for a cat bed in one of lelu's hiding places. she hasn't been hiding since. i thought she's like the cushion, but no, she's attached to an airline blankey. we leave it on the couch during the day and she cuddles into it and sleeps there for hours.

the sky is a funny color. i wish it would rain today. just a little. maybe some snow on the mountain. we're ahead for rainfall this year, but we can never have too much. we can for the people who's homes flooded last time. but i live on high ground, i don't worry about that.

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