Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the affection has started

the cats are active this morning. simon is camped out under the comfy chair, freddie's place, and is defending it against freddie with much hissing and clawing on both sides. felix, in a bid to go out, is camped out in my lap, oblivious to the fact i am reaching the entire length of my reach to type this. heh. lelu is the only good one, asleep on the scratchy cubicle. she had a big breakfast.

doc was home with me all day yesterday. he had the computer ALL DAY. i mostly slept, got up and drank coffee and smoked and then went back to sleep. all day. i woke up for NCIS and watched that, and it was Alex Kingston who guest starred. it was fabulous, she is a goddess. and her accent is so cool. cooler than most UK accents. she wasn't in the episode nearly enough, but she got to be snarky and play it up, it was great.

little girl just came over to hop into my lap and almost hopped onto felix. sai sai has vacated the space under her chair in favor of doc's place on the couch, so she has nothing to fight. now she's curled up like she hasn't been a demon for the last half an hour.

this Amb. Rice thing is really getting out of hand. we are running out of time on the "fiscal cliff" and they are jabbering about this mess. which is nothing. jesus save them. someone take them off the earth and give us someone who will fucking work in congress.

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