Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

you could be drinking gin

what a wild night. i think doc is right and i'm past couch surfing. i think i'm over it. i just need light in my room, dim light. i woke up on the couch at three and put doc to bed and then went to bed myself. i rolled around for three hours. even simon couldn't stand me. he got up and slept somewhere else. hee. you know it's bad when sai sai gets up and leaves.

felix wants to go out. so he's playing affection with me. i won't let him out when the temp is below 50. and it's only 47 now. so he's stuck in the house. they aren't getting the hang of this weather change. the temp is always so constant in the house, and they go out and it's cold. they don't know what to do. it puts them all on edge.

simon eats peas. freddie eats almost anything you give her, including hot dog buns and tortillas. felix will tear your nose off for a piece of pepperoni. and lelu and jack eat treats, they are not into human food. although simon's peas are from lelu's soft food, she won't eat them. i watched her try one and when it squished in her mouth, she spit it out. so she leaves the peas in the can and sai sai eats them when the can is all but empty. they are all freaks.

did you know the Tussin DM sugar free is also color free? it's clear, in a clear bottle. you could be drinking gin for all people know. just out of a cough syrup bottle. stupid. little kids could think that's water and drink it. then you'd have this cough-less (therefore untrackable) kid wandering around tripping balls. but hey, at least not with a sugar high! what can i say, doc got it for me in a pinch and it tastes weird, but it worked for me yesterday when i ran out of my regular stuff. i should either see a doctor or buy stock in that company.

i still haven't done any research about how to go about broadcasting the cam. it's all hooked up and sitting on it's tripod staring at me. i honestly (this is the part where i am vain and not to be judged) wrestled with, should i keep my hair down? should i make sure i have a bra on? should i dress in flattering clothes? and i finally came up with the answer: NO. i should be me in a way i never was on the cam before. i was me, but i made sure i always looked good for the cam, and that is not me. to be truthsome, i don't give a shit how i look, as long as i'm comfortable.

i "thought about my consumption" of sugar in my coffee and came to the conclusion that i like the taste of coffee a lot more than i thought i did. i was using so much sugar, i was masking the taste of the coffee. but i don't need to do that. turns out i still like coffee from my cafe days.


i forgot to let simon out of the garage. he likes going out there sometimes, and there's nothing he can hurt, so i let him out. but like i said earlier, it's cold-ish. i didn't want him out there long. even though i know he survived last winter outside, jack's resperitory infection when we first moved in here scared us. i don't want any cats getting sick. kelli says, "you know being cold doesn't actually make you sick," yes, but i'm sticking to my old wive's tale on this. i am an old wife, after all.

wow, this is long. and i'm sure i've said nothing. time to go research the cam thing and see if i can't set that up for unpacking cam today.

it's tuesday, bad tv day. i think i'll listen to xmas music today. i'm so happy since i found my ultimate xmas mix backed up. but i think, i THINK that Alex Kingston, River Song of Dr. Who fame, is on NCIS tonight. i could look it up and see for sure, but i want to be surprised. so don't be your normal helpful selves and look it up for me. thank you, but it's a surprise. =}

the cats collectively say: Meow. (they must be out of crunchy food).

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