Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

drat, it's cyber monday

we will spend money today. we've been waiting for the online sales for stuff. cosequin for lelu; lighters for doc and i; and something for his parents. oh, yeah, and a racoon cake from swiss colony. i'm begging for that, so if i get petit fours this year, they will have to be a gift from someone, hint hint. anyway . . .

i hooked up all three drives i found and none of them spun. i am hoping they were too cold. i'm letting them warm up. i also found my USB floppy drive, so my laptop is complete. oh, wait, no, i want to get a USB trackball for it. i found my legal copy of photoshop7 that was a gift so log ago, and so far it works on this laptop (windows 7 and all) but designing with this little mousepadtouchy thingy is just not happening.

time to go wake doc up with a cuppa unsweetened coffee. heh.

oh, and take the trash out and the recycling and have a smoke and pet a couple of cats and tidy up the kitchen. heh. i kind of got distracted. i cleaned off the bookshelf, too, and put it back together. it is ready for books. as soon as doc gets up and i can make some noise. and screw the book shelf to the wall, it's leaning. shite.

i wonder if i can get string lights online. i should just do that. maybe amazon can hook me up, they seem to have everything else. that way doc just has to find a tree, not any lights. and i just want the lights for my bedroom, not for holiday decorating. i'm hoping i already have enough for the porch and the tree. i have two long strings. time to go look that up.

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