Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

better, i can type now

we always, ALWAYS open the screen door when we close the glass door. it makes it easier to get in and out without a cat attached to you with only one sliding door to contend with. so i really don't know what doc was thinking yesterday when he shut the sliding glass door with the screen door closed.

and neither did felix several hours later, when i opened the door to let him out and he took a running start and bounced off the screen door. i can't even type this without laughing. i was laughing so hard when it happened that doc had to let him out, i couldn't do it. i mean, the cat Bounced. back about a foot, and landed on his hind legs. but he hit it face first. and he looked so confused.

simon is sitting in the window, looking frantic. just looking around all wide eyed. he's looking for trouble to get into. i know that look. he was on the floor next to me, after escorting me into the bathroom to cut my nails. i reached down and fuzzled his head and he looked up at me, licked my nose, bit it lightly, and bounced off up onto the couch and into the window. oh, now he's settled on a nap on the couch in doc's spot. a nap is better than trouble, anyway.

we put up the bookshelf last night. i'm going to clean it off and start to fill it. i have a bunch of cookbooks i don't want taking up space in my room. then i can unpack all the book boxes. we also got doc's dresser out of the garage, so there is room in there to maneuver. oh! that reminds me! i found a box of old hard drives i can now hook up and play with! oh man! i can do that before doc wakes up, i don't need to wait like i do the bookshelf.

and doc got me some nails, so i have no excuse not to put art up. hammers, and hard drives. that's got me going this morning. oh yeah. and string lights. i'm to put them up on the back porch today. once people wake up so the staple gun doesn't get me shot. i told doc i was waiting for someone to yell, "shut the fuck up" during one of my three am outdoor coughing fits. and doc just looked at me. he explained that people don't behave that way in the suburbs. oh. it's been a while. still doesn't have the sex pistols shirt i want, and it's been months. it's bought and paid for, so i could call the number in the email and exchange it for a shirt they have in stock. should i? then at least i'll get a punk shirt for xmas. doc is insistent about getting me a butane zippo for xmas instead of the sex pistols zippo that i wanted. i'm going to see if i can compromise with him and get the sex pistols zippo and a butane insert for it. then everyone is happy. i think. so should i exchange the shirt i don't have for the one i could have by xmas?

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