Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

to cam or not to cam

i got up this morning and made coffee. went in to get a cup. poured it, moved over to the sugar, there is no sugar. that's right, i'm supposed to be "thinking about my consumption" of coffee. so i found some powdered sugar. not the same, the cornstarch throws me off the taste a bit. but it's coffee!

the lady across the street had a bunch of furniture hauled away by a consignment company yesterday, so i'm guessing the big clean out of stuff is done. thanks to her we are having a very 50s xmas.

and we got some japanese treasures. candles and candle sticks and trivets and carved boxes and such manner of neat stuff.

this coffee ain't so bad. maybe i will use less sugar from now on. i seem to make a pretty good cuppa.

the long strange weekend is over. i'm kind of relieved. i was awake a lot of it. dead to the world from 10pm on, but up all day.

i hooked my cam up, but i'm no longer sure it works and i'm at a loss how to broadcast it. i know nothing about cam stuff now. i just figured with all the cat activity and such, having the cam on sometimes would be cool. again. i don't want to be on it all that much, not when i'm just sitting, not unless i'm being creative.

okay, i have to go cut my nails. i can't fucking type without hitting backspace three times per word. i don't know how people with long nails type acurately.

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