Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

lights lights lights

the lighted cactus garden last night was incredible. so many colored lights, i could just live there. the videos should be up on or on my channel, "cydniey" on

doc said i practically ran through there. that i ran up on people a couple of times and freaked them out. i was too busy with my cameras and trying to take it all in. and at the same time ignore all the people. there were people everywhere, we had to park quite a walk away. lots of kids. lordy i hate kids. many fathers stuck with strollers while their wives hung out with friends.

but the lights. ooh, the lights. watch the videos if you like lights. i managed to get everything i wanted to on video. i'm pretty happy about that. the still pictures don't suck, either. i used both cameras. doc didn't take his. i didn't get as many pictures as last time, but i got a better quality.

i had this whacked out dream this morning. doc got kidnapped and donald trump of all people, helped me get him back. i woke up hugging donald trump. it was so bizarre.

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