Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

no, the cat is not on fire

we are the luckiest motherfuckers around. doc was making home made soup tonight and we ended up in the living room watching Dr. Who. both of us laid down on our respective couches, and he left the soup on. i woke up at 4am with the house reeking of soup and immediately panicked (i'm good when i first wake up, or not). i woke doc up and asked him if he'd left something on the stove, instead of just going to the stove to see myself. like i said, panic.

he woke up in a similar panic and all he computed was "stove" and got down on the floor looking under the couch repeating, "cat . . . cat". i tried to tell him no, the cat wasn't on fire. was there something on the stove?

at this point i came to my senses, while he was still dragging the cat out from under the couch, And . . . a lighter she had knocked down earlier. at this point he came to his senses and followed me into the kitchen.

now he's up having soup, which turned out pretty damn good. i can't believe we didn't set ourselves on fire.

time for a xanax. and to pet a cat.

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