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Cydniey Buffers

how can an atheist celebrate xmas? blah blah blah

i'm not counting on doc getting off work early tonight. because if he does, i get a xmas tree. and i'm far too excited about it for it to actually happen tonight. he wants to get it on sale, but he's willing to wait for tomorrow or sunday to do it. which i'm cool with, you just know me, instant gratification is what i'm all about. i'll also get a short string of lights for my room. cause i can't sleep in the dark. and the sooner that happens, the better. i've been couch surfing since my blue string lights burned out. doc's getting tired of it.

felix is walking around the living room growling at nothing in particular. strange cat.

so the treasure box, in case you didn't catch the pictures on twitter or facebook, contained a small novelty treasure chest. which replaces the one i tried to redo and destroyed. and a small handmade shot cup from mexico. and rows and rows of large flat, paper thin, iridescent shells linked together with small metal links. it was once a door curtain, my grandmother had one. i can put it back together and find a decorative thing to attach it to and hang it in a doorway here. so, in all, true treasure.

the lady put out a bunch more stuff today. i can't wait to go over and check it out. i still have to look through the box of xmas ornaments. i noticed a couple of antiques in there. i'm waiting until the tree gets here, so i am surprised. i really wonder what the cats are going to do with a full sized tree in here. oy.

oh, since i am true white trash, i grabbed a deviled egg plate in the shape of a chicken, too. i had to have it. doc got a box of mismatched wine glasses.

i found another long stem rose blooming today. that's three so far. at least a foot long with perfectly straight stems. gorgeous. the yellow rose bush has four roses on it, as well. and the small rose bushes are full of new leaf growth. i don't know what kind of roses these are, but hey, they are gorgeous set against the palm trees they are planted among.

i asked doc to cut a huge limb off of Tony today. it was reaching the ground, it had grown so out of control, and when it's windy, it would hit my wall and freak me out. so he cut it down. we need a ladder so he can get the limbs over the neighbor's roof. we know nothing about pruning trees, but we're getting an xmas tree instead of hiring a tree trimmer. and looking up on the internet to find out how to prune trees so as not to kill them.

note of safety, putting a medium wife beater over a large chest, doing it backwards will result in choking yourself with your own garment. just so you know.

tomorrow we get to go see the lights. the ones in the cactus garden at Ethel M chocolate factory. they wrap thousands of lights around small and medium cacti and trees of all sizes in a small garden with a winding walkway. and the only light is the light of the colored string lights. it is amazing. when i went there with kelli a few years ago, it was heaven. they've upped the game now and have M&Ms light up figures illuminating the walkway. and it's only going to get colder. if we go early, it will still be warmish. i'm going to take both cameras and i'm encouraging doc to take his. there will be video. i know from experience that still photos just don't do it justice, you have to be able to look around and see the expanse of colors.

this is really my favorite holiday. the street is decorating slowly but surely. every time i go out front, a new house is lit up. one has a light up xmas tree and blue lights on the eaves. so i guess they are including everyone, which is cool. me, i'm a multi color girl. i went through a white light phase, and that's good for illumination, but if you just want the ambient light going on, the multi color is the way to go. and never blinking, that will just give big headaches.

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