Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

ready . . . steady . . . xmas!

and so the season starts. we're not going to any sales. we don't do much for xmas, as most of you know. i'm not even sure where the xmas stuff is. heh. i may put the string lights up on the back porch today, but that's more for me than for the holliday. they're going over the back patio.

an old lady up the street has two meddling kids, who are cleaning out her stuff. i'm trash picking treasures like mad. last night i got a box of antique xmas balls. and a box decoupaged with all manner of exotic pictures, filled with small mysterious boxes and paper wrapped packets. and a set of prayer candles, with brass sticks that are three and a half feet, three feet and two and a half feet tall. then the candles are another foot and a half long. they are incredible. i'll post a picture and tweet it later. i want to open my box of treasures.

teneal got me thinking about the white elephant sale my nana volunteers at every year in the bay area. i don't know where they hold it now, but it used to be at the cow palace. this huge space filled with nothing but things with these incredible stories behind them. this particular trash pick is like that.

thrift store chic, homestyle (c). that's my house. i need, with doc's help, to clean the place up so i can take another video tour and show what i've done with the decorating. nothing matches. it's great. we have a piece of art made out of the pieces of the wrecked scooter. doc is making that, it's looking good.

speaking of doc, he was around/awake way too much yesterday. i got frustrated with him a couple of times. but we didn't really fight. he got to go into work late and get paid for the whole holiday. same arrangement today. so he's going to the pet store. hopefully he can get some deals on cat food and cat nip, but i'm not crossing my fingers. these are things we need, sale or not. and maybe a carboard scratching pad for simon, who, along with jack, have been sharpening claws on my records. hahahaha, not. jack has a scratchy thing we bought him when he was sick. but simon has nothing but a cardboard box in the corner of my room. he needs his own scratchy thing. of course he doesn't like sisal, wicker or carpet. he would be white trash like me and like cardboard. silly cat.

doc and i decided last night we definitely do NOT want a live tree. we may get a full sized fake tree. we have room for it now. and since the cats are allowed up wherever they want except the shrine, a tree that's up on a surface wouldn't be any safer than one that was down on the floor. if we can just keep freddie from trying to climb it.

speaking of climbing, i was out running the cats in the back this morning and noticed a shadow moving up by one of the satellite dishes (they joys of renting, three unused dishes mounted on various parts of the roof), i went to the edge of the patio and made a "here kitty" sound, and hear paws on the roof of the patio and felix peeks over the edge! i will never know how he gets up there. but he seemed really pleased with himself.

and lelu continues her obsession with the big pile of leaves. she's tried to climb it a few times, only to sink, confused, into it. i have to play i'm-coming-to-get-you to get her to come in from it. i have no idea what her thing with it is. cats confuse me.

i wasn't going to do this, but i think i'm going to put white string lights in my room. unless i can get doc to get me some colored LEDs. i need some kind of night light in there. simon keeps sneaking up on me in the dark and scaring the snot out of me.

time for a smoke and then, i think, to unpack the box of treasures and see if there are any treasures in it. if not, it's a great box that will go well in my room with the other decoupaged stuff i have. i'll take pictures and post them on twitter. with luck, they will show up on my facebook page. useless site, facebook. if i couldn't chat with tripper and teneal on it, i don't think i'd ever be on it. i'd just let these entries and my tweets upload to it automatically and never check on it. i need to look into the new myspace goings on.

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