Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i'm thankful for

i talked to my sister yesterday and my cousin today, and that is all the family i'm doing this thanksgiving. and i'm thankful for that. i'm not even calling kelli tomorrow. doc will be gone by one and i will be alone most of the night because he's working overtime on the holiday ($).

i'm thankful for doc and kelli. they take care of me and keep me going when no one else can. no matter how mad i get at doc.

i'm thankful for the cats, even the high maintenance ones. lelu and her constant begging for canned food (which she gets whenever she wants because she's old), and simon and his neuroses.

i'm thankful that i'm spending the holidays in this beautiful house, without mike around in my wonderful new life with my housemate, doc.

i'm thankful that war has not personally touched our lives.

i'm thankful that we're comfortable, fed and warm and have most of what we want and all of what we need.

i'm thankful for Karlee and Teneal, my sister and cousin, who are all the family i need.

i'm thankful for this laptop that allows me to be lazy and still keep in touch with the world.

i'm thankful for all of you, whether you comment or not, just for being out there and paying attention.

and finally, i am thankful for wastededucation for saving my butt, technically, this year, and last, and the year before that . . .

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