Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

good morning sunshine

the meteor shower was a bust. clouds all night. clouds still. but maybe some rain today, so it isn't all bad. and i'm sure i can find some pictures of the shower online without a whole lot of trouble. i got a cool picture of the clouds right before dawn, though. i got it with my little camera.

today, once doc and i get up (i have yet to go to bed), we're tackling the three furniture items left in the garage. then i'll send him to storage to get my books back. the ones i have packed up here go in my room. the ones i don't lend out or are personal and my journals. those are in the garage. i can unpack my bedroom any time now . . . yep. i wear the same two pair of pants and five shirts. i left all my unders unpacked so i have all of those out. everything else is just extra.

doc got me some small nails so i can start putting the art up this weekend. yay!

i haven't been writing lately. not since i got sick. my anger last week should have fueled something but i don't write about doc and it was him i was mad at. if only i could pretend he's someone else. but that's not the way my writing works.

i have to make ebooks. for kindle, etc. because the ones i have at are PDF files and not worth the buying. and one hard copy book. hurt, in it's complete form, will be on sale for a limited amount of time while i edit it and try to get it published.

i wonder if we can go to the lighted cactus garden tonight. it's not going to get any warmer at night, we might as well get it over with now. i know doc isn't looking forward to it, but he never takes me out and i've missed it for years now. he still catches me looking at the pictures of when kelli and i went. and when he sees how happy i get surrounded by all those xmas lights, it will be worth it to him. he likes it when i'm happy. he told me so. BB told me he said that to him, too.

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