Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

leonid meteor shower

i'm staying up tonight to watch the meteor shower. i'm going to put the comfy chair out on the driveway and bundle up in my hoodie and leather and go out and watch the shower. i've never seen a meteor shower. i'm all excited. and it got me permission to make another pot of coffee. heh.

i took a nap. slept for two hours. simon refused to cuddle with me. i was heartbroken. he's cuddled up with me now, so i guess that makes up for it. he's been letting me pet his belly. i get three pets before he snorts his impatience, then i move back to petting his head until he calms back down. he starting to trust us.

doc has been using treats and catnip and human food to bribe simon into trusting him and it seems to be working. the other night simon was in one corner of the couch and doc in the other and simon walked over to him and curled up next to him. it was so cute. finally, doc gets to see the side of sai sai that i do. if doc just keeps it up with the bribes, i think things will work out. i bribed simon with food for 9 months to get him to trust me. and now i spoil him rotten, just like the other cats.

ooooh, so cute. simon moans in his sleep. he just did it. so adorable.

i wonder if i can find my gloves before midnight. if not, i'll just pull my sleeves down over my hands. oh, i can always wear my arm warmers. i think i know where those are. they say to expect a dozen meteors per hour. i'm going to take my cameras out to see if i can get any pictures, but we have bright street lights. i doubt i'll be able to see it very well, let alone get a picture, but i'll try.

doc came home from work and went right over to the guys' house. to get laundry and eat chinese food. sounds like a fun night for him that would bore me silly. i don't like hanging out with the guys. they are nice enough to my face, but i know what they think of me. plus all they do is play games. it's boring. and they have dogs to play with, but the dogs won't play, they cower at everything. they won't even come up to you.

what am i going to eat for thanksgiving dinner? a tv dinner? mac and cheese. i could make home made mac and cheese. that would be a treat. i'll be alone with the cats so i want something they will eat, too. mac and cheese it is, they all like pasta. and they all love cheese.

i'm just a crazy cat lady. and damn proud of it.

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