Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i just saw it on MSNBC. an oil rig exploded in the gulf. yes, another one. everyone else is still covering israel. opp, no, CNN just announced it. rig on fire. soon the news of the Benghazi hearing this morning will be eclipsed by this. oh, the irony. we went how many days without something big and bad happening? yeah . . .

it's raining intermittently here. it looks like it may get heavy later on. cool. i can take the clouds, especially if there is something coming out of them. and it's too warm for snow, heh heh heh. that means possible video of freddie playing in the rain today. she doesn't care about the wet. such an oblivious little cat.

i created a moment of detante with simon and felix last night. on the toilet of all places. they both came into the bathroom and felix jumped up on the back of the toilet and simon jumped up on the counter. they were about 18" away from each other. felix started to growl and i talked to him quietly and soothingly while simon stared at him. then i pet them both and talked to them both about being cool and good boys and got them no closer to each other, but both purring. *happysigh*

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