Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

time for being a smart ass is over

no more making fun of the hurricane. no one has heard from doc's sister. his parents are fine, all hatches battened down and they are set. dad's broken hip healing nicely. i've seen some pictures from the shore in NJ and it doesn't look good. doc was in the foulest of moods thinking about the shore house being gone. maybe it survived. they sat out the 85 hurricane at the shore house and just went upstairs when the water came in. so it's a tough little house.

meanwhile, i am SO glad he went to work. he would have just been in a foul mood here. and i don't need it. well, no one needs it. i don't want it. he wouldn't even talk to me. we tried to be nice to each other, but once he talked to his mom, it was all over. he told me briefly what she said and then just shut up. i gave him a time check when he was getting ready and told him to have a good day. that was about the extent of our communication this morning.

i want to lay down on the couch but freddie is asleep on 1/3 of it and i don't want to disturb her. i slept for a couple hours this morning and sai sai slept at my feet. so cute. i have the blinds closed, i was in no mood for bright sunlight today. so the cats are a bit confused.

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