Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i really hope doc's family is okay. his parents are in Philly and his sister is in NJ. and there's the shore house, uninhabited in the winter, which is good because it is probably gone. it is on the end of the island with just a block between the ocean and bay. and it's not one of those modern monstrosities. it's a proper beach house, bare bones. just comfortable enough to spend a couple weeks. then go home for a few and then come back. all we can do is wait to hear from them.

the news is making me crazy because they aren't talking about Philly at all. it's all NYC, NJ, and West VA. those can't be the only areas affected by the storm. when they do mention Philly, it's never good.

i'm impressed by the lack of lawlessness in NYC. unless everyone is still in shock and things will get bad. but i don't know. maybe lessons were learned in Katrina. maybe there will be no looting or stupid behavior that puts others in danger. the cynic in me says at some point, the bad elements of the city are just going to go apeshit. it should coincide with the death of cell phone batteries. with no power and endless destruction, what's a little more? the non cynical side of me says, no, new yorkers are better than that. everyone will pull together and help each other, remember 9/11?

heh, the news can't even get onto the island the shore house is on. the gov is going to copter over and survey the damage, so we'll see that footage later today.

now is where i talk about how it's going to be 78 and cloudless today. but it's fall, that's the way it is here. good for tourists.

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