Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

good morning

if i seem slow to get going today, i'm going at the same pace. i just got a late start. usually i get up at 4 and i have my shit together by dawn. last night i went to bed at 4 and got up at 8:30 this morning. so it's twenty after 10 and i'm still a bit bleary eyed. it will pass by the time doc gets up at 11 something.

i slept well last night. it was cold in my room, doc turns the heater down at night when we are supposed to be in our beds. so i cuddled under my comforter and it was grand. i have only used the thing 20 or so times in the two years that i've had it. but i have a feeling with how cold my room stays all day and night, that i will be using the comforter a lot this winter.

i was heartwarmed last night when i was going to bed and doc was on computer2. i have to fix the mouse on computer1, but other than that, everyone is functional. today i network them. just for shits and giggles, but mainly because computer1 has a 700 gig hard drive i don't want to neglect. and after networking, i can store things temporarily on it.

you may have noticed that all three computers are set up for doc to play on. that's because i want him to use them. there's no point hooking them up and going through all this if they aren't going to be used. and maybe, just maybe i can get my laptop back on the weekends while he's reading that damn PDF book. he needs to sync his kindle and download his subscriptions so he can read on that.

i also need to deal with the printers today. i think there are new ink cartridges in them, i just need to clean them up and get them printing again. i have plenty of compressed air. time and patience i need with these. they are sensitive machines. blah blah blah. clean it up, hook it up. use it. wouldn't it be cool if i could print? i have nothing to print, but it would be cool to have the option.

i wonder what kind of candy doc is going to get for halloween. i have a glow in the dark hockey mask to wear to the door and an apron with bones and blood on it. the house won't look festive (i'm making up for that at xmas), but i want to have cool candy. and try not to be one of those annoying adults who rambles on about how cute everyone is. i know the goal is to get the door open, get the candy, get on with the next house. there is no time for the trick or treater to stop and chat. there is sugar to gather.

my one regret about not having kids, one, is that i have no candy bags to raid at halloween. that's it. only regret about being childless. and i'm a grown up, i can buy my own candy. heh.

doc will be at work all day. no more excuses not to do my podcast. (i won't record while he's in the house, i'm weird that way).

oh, and i made a decision. i'm going to self publish the book, or "Hurt" as is. with some grammatical editing. then, i'm going to later try to get published the "editor's cut" without the poetry and photos. i'm going to sell "Hurt" for a limited time. i have to do some research to see if i'm going to go with again or with the recommended company. we'll see. so i'll be working on that. i got the flash drive up and loaded for the project. something i can write the new data to and still have the old, and bring it onto the laptop to work on if i want to. i'd like to make it a real ebook, and sell it for kindle and such.

so that's my big project list for the day. i don't think i'll be taking a nap. i'm ready to go. time to eat my yogurt.

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