Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"my my stomach hurts again tonight"

actually, i feel pretty good. i didn't need sudafed today and only needed one dose of cough medicine.

the more comfortable that simon gets here, the more separation anxiety felix experiences with me. he's gotten to the point of sitting in my lap when i'm outside. and when we nap together during the day, he is always refusing to get off me when it's time to get up. granted, i'm bigger than him and could always just pick him up and put him on the floor, but i hate to reject him like that. so i try to reason with him. sai sai just watches from the edge of the room.

i have no wet food to feed them for dinner. i wonder if doc has any unmarinated chicken i could give them for dinner. felix will be whining.

my netflix movie won't be here until tomorrow. i was hoping it would be here for bad TV friday night. i rented "Hideaway". not the greatest movie, but jeff goldblum is in it and the soundtrack is incredible. i can't find my tape of it, so i rented it. i'll bet there's something on my netflix instant queue i can watch tonight.

doc was doing the dishes last night and i felt bad he was doing them after work, so i told him i would do them today. he bribed me to wash the plates. he bribed me with a bacon cheddar quesadilla. the whole thing is a big joke. he wouldn't have this problem if he would just get dishwasher cleaner and clean the dishwasher.

i am turning into my mother and i hate every second of it. i'm taking on every ugly trait she has. i'm passive aggressive and nasty for no reason . . . i've got to stop this before it progresses any further.

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