Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

better now

i slept off my migraine. i shut all the blinds and turned the tv off and curled up with felix on the couch. i slept for four hours. my head feels infinitely better. and i can stand to have light around. and sound.

sai sai is curled up on the couch. in the very middle so he doesn't have to share it with anyone. he's such a spoiled shit.

i picked the bloodless scab of cigarette burn on my arm and it started to bleed all over the place. i cleaned it up and cleaned it out with peroxide and put a bandage on it. it isn't bad enough i hurt myself, i have to pick at it and make it worse. now it's going to scar all ugly. hrmph.

wastededucation, you are a doll. i just had to say that.

did you know lj is going to be in russia? like, completely? that explains the recent influx of russian friend requests i've had. freaky. i wonder if they can read me, i can't read them.

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