Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

feeling better now. i tried to lay down but i'm not tired at all. for once. not even the cold medication is making me tired.

the wind is blowing really hard and it's blowing a branch against my window in my bedroom. i'm sure the noise is driving doc mad. if it's woken him up. at first i thought there was a cat caught in a wall, but no, just the tree and the wind.

it's actually nice out, but for the wind, which is cold. i've been out a few times since i got up and with a hoodie, it's not bad out there. the sun is bright and there are no clouds in the sky at all. the birds are avoiding the wind, so there's not a lot of bird song, but there is enough.

i put up my halloween decoration this morning. it's a wall hanging of a zombie coming through the wall. i hung it on the front of the house under the address. i have a witch head cut out to put up on the screen. i have to put it on the screen because with the privacy screens, you can't see what's in the windows.

doc will be up in a couple of hours. then he will go to work and i will be alone again for hours. without sleep, i really don't know how i'm going to fill those hours. i guess i could write. play with the cats. i'll do that anyway. they're all asleep now, but i'll fuck with them when they're awake. we have a laser pointer and a couple of different wand toys. i can even get simon to play.

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