Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

on nothing at all: lj entry

doc's up and i'm actually awake. i slept for a couple of hours this morning after getting up at 4. i'll sleep once he leaves.

it's another beautiful day. i love fall here. the leaves may not turn, but the temps are amazing. it's supposed to be 76 today. and there is a wind blowing through the palms, making a tropical atmosphere.

now doc's allergies have made me shut all the windows. harrumph. he'll be gone in an hour, i can open them back up and go to sleep. even though we don't smoke in the house, it's nice to air it out. doc's cooking odors are noxious. neither of us have gotten the hang of the gas stove yet, so we keep burning things.

freddie is rolling around on the floor, chewing on her tail and back paws. rubbing her nose against the laptop cords. i know there's no catnip on the floor, so i don't know what her deal is. silly kitty. i'll get her on video doing this shit, one day.

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