Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

gratuitous use of the word "fuck"

fuckin' nyquil man. i took it and was incoherent 15 minutes later. comatose most of the day. i woke up at 2 and had a smoke, but then went right back to sleep. i don't even remember what doc told me he wanted me to do today. i'll do whatever it is after he gets home. i still feel like shit. i'm waiting for sudafed to kick in. so i can breathe again. i never know whether to take that or mucinex d. doc had to sign his life away for the sudafed, so i guess i'll take it.

i let jack out today for a while. he somehow got out and into the front yard. i went around the side of the house and he was at the gate. i called him in and opened the gate for him, and he stubbornly jumped over the chicken wire. silly cat. we have this box in the kitchen. i have no idea what is in it, but the cats sleep on it so i leave it alone. jack has learned, with only two days of training, to jump up on the box to wait for his treat at feeding time. he's so bright.

we have this menagerie of stray cats that all kind of get along and are all very smart in their own ways. except maybe freddie, but she's still young. she's supposed to be stupid for a while. she did learn that "bop-bop" means "outside" and is granting her permission to go out. it's so cute. we tried to teach her "outside" but it didn't work, she just wouldn't take to the word. and she goes bop bop when she jumps outside, so that's what it became, and she learned it in two days.

candy crowley was brilliant last night at the debate. she didn't let either candidate bully her and she fact checked brilliantly at that one point. i really enjoyed the debate, no matter how creeped out by romney i got. i hope the third debate is just as good. the undecided voters were a real downer with their questions, though. "why should i vote for you in 2012?" jesus, that was a real question during a presidential debate? read something, bitch! other than the enquirer. listen to a fucking news cast. if you're this far along and that's the best question you can come up with, just don't fucking vote. you'll fuck it up anyway.

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