Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

on the debate and the day and the cats and a dog?

the debate last night did nothing to allay my fears about Romney. instead, it gave him the opportunity to show off what a real misogynist he is. it isn't his fault. it's the church. generations of the church. and coming from a polygamist family where the women were even more oppressed, forced to share one person for love and spiritual growth.

my primary fear is, what if he really wins? unless the senate and house go full democrat, there is no way i can let a man like romney rule my life and dictate my rights. will i actually have to leave the country for four years? or, fates help us, 8? it really scares me. in my heart of hearts, i don't think he will win. i think obama will out, but not by much. i have a feeling the election will be hotly contested and very ugly. should obama win, republicans will never accept it. they are already questioning polls and making up lies about them because it isn't going their way. they remind me of a bunch of spoiled children. of course, the democrats remind me of a bullied child.

the sun is shining through Tony the Tree and dappling the couch and the sai sai. the leaves are waving in the breeze, which is coming in through the window. it is fucking beautiful. i mean it. really brilliant weather. i think i'll rake the pine needles in the back yard today and be out in the weather. it's only supposed to get up to the lower 80s today. it's 68 right now and like i said, amazing out. i love this house for it's large and plentiful windows. with the trees and the patio overhang, direct sunlight doesn't come in much. it all comes through filtered to a tolerable degree.

there are sleeping cats all over the place. simon is on the couch. i spoil him so much, today when i mixed lelu's food, i brought the fork to him to lick. instead of making him come to me. i couldn't help it, he looked so comfortable on the couch. he's really starting to take possession of the house. and it sounds much less like a coyote and snake pit in here when the cats are interacting with him. freddie still doesn't like him one bit and growls every time he passes. lelu growls when he gets too close to her. and felix, of course, growls when sai sai gets too close to me and felix is on my lap. sai sai and jack seem to play chase lately, so i'm encouraging that. jack is the most easy going and easiest to get along with. he'll be standoffish for a while, but will eventually find a playmate in the new cat.

i'm starting to seriously wonder what they would do with a dog around. just a small to medium sized dog. a shelter dog. no puppies. puppies suck. kittens are better than puppies and i'm no fan of them, either. i like my animals a bit more mature. but i'm thinking of getting doc a shelter dog for xmas this year. the yard is set up for it, some things would have to change with the proximity of the cat food to the floor, but these are easily solvable. doc misses having a dog, and he deserves one. he's tried very hard to be a cat person, and to a point he's been very good. but you should see his face when he encounters a dog. you can tell he goes all weak. it's time for him to have one. and if we have to, we'll save the money to pay the dog deposit here.

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