Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i didn't sleep more than 2 hours last night. so i got up and stayed up. i got some sleep today. enough to function. i've been playing with the cats all day.

felix and freddie joined together and hunted a lizard today. they didn't get it, it was much too smart for them, but it was nice to see them team up. they chased it back and forth to each other, felix on the wall, freddie on the ground. lizard in the middle of the wall where neither of them could get it.

my meds are working really good. i feel great. you can tell because i tweet more. and i have less to say in here. i could go on with cat stories, but we'll leave that for a later time.

i did watch the debate tonight. most of it. i tried to keep up with twitter at the same time. did not work. twitter got neglected. i didn't even get angry with romney's lies. it was fun to watch him try to bully candy crowley and she totally batted him down. she kept the president in check, as well. it was a good time. i do wish i'd been drinking.

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