Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

not about the debate: lj entry

the book is getting harder to read. i had been skimming it because it was all journal entries i wanted to keep pure. now it's entries i need to read and edit and narration. i'm not doing any editing just yet, but i am reading it. i'm a much stronger person than i give myself credit for.

somewhere after the ECT i lost all my self esteem. oh yeah, it was when i lost my front teeth. that was it. but the ECT makes me forget that. heh. when i get implants, i will own the world. right. but i'll be back to myself.

there's this band that i'm following on twittter, because, well, they were following me. and today they released their first single online. it's great. but when i congratulated them, i called them "kids". heh. they are kids to me, at least half my age, it's just funny that i called them that. i hope they didn't think i was talking down to them or i'm some old geezer. i learned the difference between hipster and emo last night and felt so old and uncool. i need to get out more.

today's rain had the cats being cuddle balls. simon AND felix curled up with me on the couch without threatening one another.

sai sai is so cute at dinner time. he waits at the door of the laundry room until i say, "you know what time it is," and then he goes a few steps into the room and sits down and waits for me to shut the door. i turn on the light and tell him he's a good boy about a hundred times and shut the door until the other cats are done eating. if he would respect the feeding order, he wouldn't have to go into the room, but it was easy enough to train him. and he doesn't seem to mind, he gets praised and fuzzled and not bothered while he's eating. what more could he want but a nap afterwards. which he is now looking for a place to take.

i had lelu, freddie and felix out while it was raining today. only freddie ventured out in it. she didn't seem to mind getting wet at all. she was an outside cat, so i guess she'd be used to the rain. wait, it doesn't rain here. maybe she's just too oblivious to care.

ooh, lightning. that means more rain. i'm glad doc took the truck today. he would have gotten soaked on the scooter bike. i'm working on ignoring him until he works through the rough patch he's going through. i tried being there for him, but it just made him mad. so avoidance has been my strategy. sleeping while he's awake and letting him have the laptop without whining.(me whining, not him) wow. lots of lightning. very little thun . . . there it is. thunder. boom! i'm going to go light a couple of candles, that lightning is close, i don't want to get caught in the dark if the power goes out.

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