Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

something accomplished

i finally updated my webpage. actually, the whole site is kind of different, in that you can't get to it anymore. just the mp3's, the picture gallery and my thumbsucking. i was tired of the wordy, arrogant intro i had on my site. i'm well attached to the picture i used in the new design. i felt it was too cluttered. and i don't want to offer my poetry out there for free. i want to start getting published again and that is harder if the piece is already published on the web.

i wrote a zygote of a poem this morning upon waking. i have no idea what it said. but i have a feeling i can finish it. it was inspired by whatever dream i was having. i watch far too much doctor who. didn't think that was possible.

i cleaned the house and broke up a cat fight, too. it's been a busy day. i slept after doc woke up, instead of sleeping in the afternoon.

the rest of the day is my new project that i've been talking about doing forever: editing my book, hurt. and changing the title. i was a bit surprised when i opened it today and what i thought was the first chapter was not the first chapter. the whole thing may be easier. the biggest problem i have is that it will be longer when it is done and it's really long now. so i think it's going to break down into a series. maybe.

i really need advice on this one and i have no one to go to. so i have to make it up as i go along. but if i think about it, i've always done that. i've never really had any clue what i was doing but went ahead and did it anyway. i can do that again. maybe if i act like myself, i will be myself again.

time to go work on the book.

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