Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

lj entry: i don't have a title

so i have learned this weekend that "Windows Live" is code for "windows is alive and thinking for you, look the fuck out sucker". i think i liked it better when it prompted me about everything. i didn't mind being bugged by windows, really. i'm not so keen when it decides on its own to make dated files for pictures, sort them and rename them to not conflict with each other automatically. of course, now that i know this, it's rather nice. but losing my files for 24 hours and then magically showing them to me is cruel. and don't even get me started on "Windows Live". i opened it accidentally one day and it consumed 2 hours of my time, hooked me up to countless chats against my will and i still don't know what it is or how i opened it. i'm bored now, i could go for fighting with it.

i got 5 hours sleep last night. and three today. i'm feeling pretty rad. i can't believe i just said "rad". fuck it, i said it. so yeah, sleep. i need to go to bed. stop sleeping on the couches. that means i need to set up the small stereo in my room and unpack my CDs. i also need to buy some blank ones, so i can make more. the stereo has an old 3 CD changer that still works and has a random setting. i have 60gigs of music, i can certainly make myself some stuff to sleep to. speaking of, i found my blank DVDs so i can burn a couple things for Kelli. we're setting up a flash drive exchange so we can each get some new music from each other. i think i'm going to Dr. Who her, she's new to it. if i'm going to do that, i want to burn it so she has a permanent copy. most of the stuff i have, i can flash drive to her. i love technology, to a point.

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