Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

lj entry: "look for what seems out of place"

i just found the lost images. windows 7 decided to put them in dated files, so i have to search for them, but they are safe and i can get the photo book done. this is all VERY GOOD as doc freaked right out when he found out what it was i thought i'd lost. after i worked all night to find them and get zen with the absolute fuck up, and he loses it. then i open the bloody windows live program, there's an open file set with the pictures assorted by date. i cried. then i plugged in a flash drive and backed the fuckers up.

i need to sort out my computer bullshit. put the three machines together. i'm also missing two power cords from computer to wall. once i can acquire this and the keyboards and mice, i can reconnect the machines, they are already networked, just waiting for the connection. then i can do this right, back shit up. burn it to disk and flash drive and put them away for safe keeping. i know i've put it off too long, but hey.

and we switched windows 7 over to classic mode and everything works much faster now. plus i now know where the hell i am when i'm navigating the computer looking for stuff. and i got my henry rollins desktop picture back. doc hates it. henry is looking really hatefully at the camera in front of a graffiti wall. i'll get tired of it soon enough. it was the tardis for a while. that was a good one.

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