Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Journal: "it spits you out when you desire to conquer it"

damn, it's almost 6. i've been up since 1. doc was a god and made me cinnamon coffee before he went to bed at 4. i'm on my last cup. then i think i'll try to get some sleep. maybe.

it's chilly outside. shades of fall. it will be 91 today. still summer. but i think the triple digits may be over. at least for the next week.

i signed up for a free website to transfer my photos from the other computer. i plan to do that today. i only have two more days to finish and order my photobook in order to get it for free. there are benefits to Klout. then i have until the 21st to order my 50 free prints. that won't be a problem, i'll have my check by then and can easily pay the postage. as for the photobook, i'll have to borrow the money from doc to pay the postage on it. i spent more than usual this month on the backpack i got. it was on sale, i had to get it. but it left me broke for a week.

i've started writing again. slowly. bastardized haikus. the ones that don't completely suck get twittered. that's how it starts. haiku was a gateway drug to free form poetry for me. it got me interested. it wasn't until years later that Matt convinced me i could write if i just put the words down. i have a couple of subjects for new pieces rattling around in my brain. just waiting for the right opening words. once i get it started, look out. i think i'll read my books when i'm done with my photo project. maybe seeing my old work will trigger the word games i used to play when i wrote.

it would be nice to have new material. not just to publish another book, but to start doing my reading podcast again. one thing i think i'm going to add is reading my favorite songs. that's hard. i've been practicing. the first thing you have to do is get the song out of your head. that will just fuck up your pacing. then there is reading the song with fresh eyes and getting what meaning you can out of it and stringing sentences together instead of rhyming lines. i'll try it out, just for fun. i can be the next william shatner of spoken word. heh.

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