Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

death warmed over into something more appetizing

well, i slept. i had to take some medication to do it, some anti-psychotic past that made me sleepy. i took two and passed right out. from 6 to 6 with a brief, if barely remembered interlude for a half a cigarette. i woke up at one point freezing, so i pulled my extra blanket out from under the stuffed animals, which made half of them fall on sai sai. this did not make him happy. then, sometime later, was covered with sweat and took the blanket off then had to deal with the fan on my sweaty body making me cold and getting under the blanket to get warm. it was a weird couple of hours. but i got plenty of sleep and i don't remember my dreams. the one thing i remember is a lot of religious imagery, which i think stems from the blue string lights i put around my mirror/glass curio cabinet.

as i get my first cup of coffee into me, i am starting to feel less hungover from the meds. next time i take just one. i have one cigarette left before i have to start hand rolling them. i'm waiting for the cramp in my leg to go away first. i think i slept on my hip too much. it's not a bad pain, just a sore muscle kind of nagging ache, it will be gone soon. i'm up now and not on it.

my other computer is broken. all USB ports are non functional. i'm looking at taking my pictures off the thing one floppy at a time. i don't know what else to do. i think i have 50mgs of space on the cox server that i can use to take the pictures off the old computer, i just have to figure out how to use that feature. there's 6 years of digital photos there, and i just got 50 free prints from shutterfly. i want to print out cat pictures. and the cat in the pictures on the old computer is dead now, so i need those pictures. meh.

i'm perched on a pile of clean laundry feeling like the queen of the room. no cats are higher than me right now. hah.

okay, i've written it all down. downed a cup of coffee and built up a yen for a smoke. my last one until i roll more. i'll wait for my meds to take effect for that, it requires hands that don't shake too bad.

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