Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

now is the time

blah blah blah . . . the RNC was a big yawn. for all the money they spent, i expected a little dancing or at least a costume change here and there.

earlier, felix was running from sai sai and jumped up on the fridge. i grabbed him to get him down and he grabbed a 2 llitre bottle of soda, still full, and pulled it down where it bounced it's bottom off my foot. i'm pretty sure one of the small bones is broken. the impact has a welt and has turned pretty colors and swollen up quite a bit. i'm icing it and i took tylenol. stupid cat. isn't allowed up on the fridge in the first place. in the second, he shouldn't be running from sai sai, they should be fighting it out and getting it over with. silly cat.

doc and i each have our own rooms now, someplace to storm off to to be alone. thing is, we haven't. we haven't fought since we moved in here. i mentioned it to him the other day (i feel comfortable actually talking to him about this stuff again) and he rattled off all the reasons we were happier here and how that equaled happy with each other. i even crawled into bed with him and cuddled up with him and he was receptive to it this morning. i was amazed. it's nice to have a cuddle with someone every so often. i've been alone so long. living with him, but utterly cut off from him. and after the mess i made with the Jess thing, i won't have another girlfriend until i have something more to give.

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