Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
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my books are being sent. they've been printed and they are in the mail. i can't believe i will soon have copies of my own books! i hope the formatting is okay. that's really why i'm getting them, so i can check the formatting before i really start pushing them. i also want to make sure i'm happy with them before deciding to stay with or go with or if i'll print them out and start submitting them to poetry publishers.

it has been raining all morning. it's glorious. freddie and felix went out and sat on the patio with me, whining that they couldn't go lizard hunting. they just sat there staring at the rain and meowing at me. they're so cute.

i haven't done anything or gone anywhere lately. the guys came over the other night and sai sai attacked Danny for the offense of using my bathroom and not being me. hee. not a good habit, that is the guest bathroom. i have to get sai sai out of that cabinet.

it's so dark today. the rain is coming down in buckets and has been for a while now. the patio is all covered with water and i had to stop it seeping into the garage. not the patio, the water. my sentence structure sucks. i need eris to coach me.

i discovered the toms (the big red ants) bite. a young one bit me the other day and an older one bit me yesterday. i'll have to watch that. it doesn't really hurt, just a little sting, but they bite me in between my toes and that is an alarming feeling.

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