Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

happy saturday!

ack! i need a manicure. my nails are fine, but my cuticles need love i just can't give them. who can i trust in Las Vegas to love my nails?

felix's paw was bleeding earlier. he cleaned off the blood and i can't find any holes or cuts before he bites me (i'll inspect again once doc gets up and can hold his jaws shut). the paw is tender, he won't let me touch it willingly, but he's using it and i saw the underside while he was standing up against the sliding glass door and it looked fine and was blood free. i just tried to pet him, he's still mad at me.

i was amazed the other day to see that i uploaded the first freddie video to youtube 9 months ago. she was 9 months old then, so that makes her a year and a half now. she's so tiny, but is unlikely at her age to have another growth spurt. i guess her second name, Little Gurl, will stick. she's playing in my skirt now. i let her do that with every skirt but the silk one from india. and she knows the difference, too. she leaves me alone when i have it on. except for cuddles, of course. now she's running from room to room and just ran head on into doc's closed door. that should wake him up.

speaking of, i have a little story. Sai Sai has this thing where he comes up behind felix while felix is really focused on me, and yowls really fast, it sounds like a bark. a bark from a german shepherd being gutted. i mean, this is an unholy sound. it scares the shit out of me when he does it. turns out, felix can make that noise, too.

so this morning at 8 i was making coffee, doc was sleeping in his room, and felix was hanging around my legs, meowing for attention. when out of nowhere, "ARF!", then really quickly, "ARF" right back. i dropped the thing i was filling with water at the time. sai sai had come up behind felix to scare him and felix had somehow been ready for him and made the noise right back at him.

i spun around and said "no" really softly but meanly, and sai sai took off down the hall. a second later he came running back in and i turned back to the sink. then i heard doc's voice, all bleary with sleep, ask me if everything was all right. i told him yes and then he asked if there was a loud noise, and i started laughing and told him, yes, there had been a loud noise and before i could elaborate he had disappeared back to his room to go back to bed.

sai sai is alpha. at wet food time that is apparent. but he also wants to be king of my attention, and that's felix first, little gurl second. that puts jack, sai sai and lelu kind of rotating for third. but when sai sai comes out of his hiding places, he wants me and only me and only him. it seems, god save the cats that get in his way. a hiss is all it takes with freddie. but felix isn't cowed by that. so sai sai has thought of a different way to terrorize felix when he's paying "too much" attention to me.

i'm sorry if my story was boring. it makes me laugh, but then, i heard the sound and know how high i jumped. and how out of it doc was. while sai sai just sat there and looked at me with his big blue eyes.

anyway happy saturday. i plan to actually unpack some stuff in my room today and at the very least sort out my clothes and put them away. doc will be running errands. Brooklyn should be over today, i expected him all week. but he doesn't have my number yet. only three people do. it cuts down on the number of calls i have to answer and stops me having to have voicemail. i never felt like setting it up and learning how to use it. heh.

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